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Bathrooms First believes that everyone deserves to have a relaxing bath or shower without discomfort. That’s why Walk-in tubs have been part of our service options since 2014. Accessibility is an important issue for many families in Peoria and we are proud to provide a great tub that provides a spa-like experience for our differently abled clientele. Walk-in tubs aren’t just for the aging generation anymore! With great comfort options like seating, hand holds and easier entry points, these walk-in units can provide comfort to every member of the family and are a great option for your bath conversion.

These specialized units require additional care and training to install, which is why many remodelers do not offer them, but with Bathrooms First you can be sure that your installation will be completed perfectly by our highly experienced team. We understand the need for accessibility options in Peoria and are proud to provide support for our differently abled clients. 

Along with competitive prices, we offer the largest variety of walk-in tubs in Peoria. Come take a look at our selection when you schedule your one on one consultation with Bathrooms First! 

Peoria Walk-In Bathtubs by Bathrooms First

Have you fully considered all the benefits to be had from a Bathrooms First installed walk-in tub in Peoria?

  • Relaxing Golden Years: Many families are settling into retirement in their current homes.
  • Comfort: Create a spa in your home
  • Reliability: High quality materials and expert installation means your walk-in tub will last
  • Safe: Combat hazards with grab bars and railing
  • Customizable: So many options means that your tub will  fit perfectly in your Peoria home.

Choose Bathrooms First Walk-In Baths for Peoria

Let the team at Bathrooms First answer your questions regarding walk-in tubs and any other of your bathroom remodeling and renovation questions! Call us today to schedule your free one-on-one consultation. We want to help you create a beautiful bathroom that meets your family’s needs while staying in your budget and your time frame. Fill out our form or call us at 309-688-2284 today!

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