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Peoria Heights Shower to Tub Conversion & Bathroom Conversion

Picture coming home at the end of a long day and indulging in a long and luxurious soak – no spa visit necessary.

If your current shower is getting in the way of you relishing this experience, Bathrooms First has got the right option for you: shower-to-tub conversion.

Our Peoria Heights bathroom remodeling team will level up your existing bathroom with a new bathtub in your preference of style and color. 

We offer a huge collection of top-notch units with options at every price, so we’re certain you’ll see something that perfectly complements your home.

Shower to Tub Conversion by Bathrooms First

Every one of our bath conversions is fully tailored to meet your needs and preferences. A member of our expert design staff will consult with you to craft a design and plan for your updated tub space. 

This also includes the installation of optional attachments and add-ons like soap ledges and grab bars.

And because of our sweeping line-up of colors, it’s easy to find a perfect pairing for your current bathroom for a smooth, seamless finish.

After we wrap up the design phase, we’ll go ahead with the installation as soon as possible based on when you’re available. 

Our team will oversee the whole project – this covers pulling out the old tub and tidying up after ourselves once the project is finished.

Remodeling your bathroom has never been this carefree!

Why Choose Bathrooms First for Shower to Tub Conversion in Peoria Heights?

With a shower-to-tub conversion by Bathrooms First, you need not be concerned about lengthy renovations or navigating a combat zone in your bathroom because we work with efficiency and speed to finish the conversion. 

Not only that, our first-class building materials are known for their endurance and minimal maintenance routine. 

Since our full lineup of bathtubs is fabricated using acrylic, which is naturally antimicrobial, which means you can expect a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic bath for quite a few years. 

Bathrooms First has an extensive number of styles and colors to browse through, so you’ll be getting much more than just an updated fixture: you’ll also get a focal point of style for your bathroom. 

If your plan is to turn your out-of-date shower into a spacious bathtub, contact Bathrooms First at 309-688-2284!

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