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Galesburg Shower to Tub Conversion & Bathroom Conversion

Picture arriving home at the end of a long day and taking a long, well-deserved soak – no spa visit required.

If your current bathroom set-up is preventing you from partaking in this experience, don’t feel dejected – Bathrooms First has an excellent option for you: shower-to-tub conversion in Galesburg. Our renovation team can revamp your bathroom with a brand new bath in your preference of style and material. We offer a wide range of premium units with options at every price point, so we’re positive you’ll choose one that you absolutely love.

Shower to Bath Conversion by Bathrooms First

All of our bath conversions are customized to meet your style and practical needs. One of our expert designers will discuss your project and create a design blueprint to update your bath space. This also includes the addition of optional attachments and features such as soap ledges and grab bars. And because we have a wide-ranging line-up of colors, it’s easy to find a pairing for your current bathroom for a smooth, seamless finish.

After we complete the design stage, we’ll commence the installation right away based on when you’re available. Our outfit will look after the whole project like taking out the old bath and tidying up after ourselves once we’re done.

Revitalizing your bathroom has never been this carefree!

Why Select Bathrooms First for Shower to Tub Conversion in Galesburg?

With a shower-to-tub conversion by Bathrooms First, you don’t have to worry about non-stop renovations or having to deal with a disaster area in your own bathroom since work with speed and efficiency to wrap up the installation. 

On top of that, our highly-rated materials and products are well-known for their reliability and easiness of maintenance. Since our bathtubs are assembled using acrylic, which is naturally antimicrobial, you can anticipate a more hygienic and safer bath for years and years to come. 

Bathrooms First has an abundance of colors and style options to choose from, so you know you’ll be getting so much more than just a brand new fixture: you can also look forward to a focal point of design in your home. When you’re ready to turn your existing shower into a beautiful new bathtub, give a call to Bathrooms First at 309-688-2284 today!

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