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Any bathroom remodel can be an ambitious undertaking, which is why it makes sense to work with the best! Bathrooms First has been completing shower to tub conversions in Peoria since 2014! Our team knows the best methods and techniques to make sure you’re getting the most out of your bathroom! If your shower is no longer up to snuff, it’s time to replace it! Bathrooms First can convert your old shower to a beautiful new tub that not only matches your home and decor, but also your budget! 

With any bathroom renovation in Peoria you want to see who you’re working with. Just take a look at Bathrooms First’s gallery pages to see our handy work!

Why Convert Your Peoria Bathroom?

If your shower is no longer comfortable to use, or is showing signs of wear and age, converting to a new tub may be the solution you’re looking for! Just consider what a shower to tub conversion by the experts at Bathrooms First can offer!

  • Reduce Stress – Relax with a long soak at the end of a trying day
  • Cleaner – Replace grime deposits with a tub with a non porous service that’s easy to keep clean
  • Style – With so many models to choose from, you’ll be able to upgrade your bathroom’s style and decor!
  • Health – Easier to clean means healthier! Remove those mold and mildew deposits in your old shower with a brand new tub.

Bathtub Conversions in the Peoria Area

Bathrooms First is proud to offer the largest selection of tubs to choose from. Peoria homes vary from style and decor, but with such a large collection of models there is something for everyone when you work with Bathrooms First! Our designers will walk you through the options while helping you select a tub that matches your home and budget.

Not ready to convert to a sole tub? You don’t have to! With the many shower and tub combination options we offer, you don’t have to give up the ease of a shower for the relaxation of a bath! These units offer the best of both options, so there is no reason to pick just one!

Bathrooms First’s Shower to Bathtub Conversion Projects in Peoria

Bathrooms First wants to help you make a more comfortable and relaxing bathroom in your Peoria home. For bath conversions or any upcoming bathroom renovations, don’t hesitate to contact our experts! Schedule your free one on one consultation today.

Contacting Bathrooms First is easy! Just fill out our brief online form or give us a call at 309-688-2284

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